Power Reaper

SPR 1200 Paddy Reaper

This is by far the best reaper available in the country which can be used for efficient harvesting of paddy, wheat, barley, etc. It comes with a light-weight 2.5HP Honda GX 120 petrol engine with a reaping capability of half acre per hour. According to the SRFMTTI testing report it can substitute about 35-40 man-hours for harvesting one acre of land. This efficiency of the machine allows a farmer to recover his investment in less than a year. Due to its superior quality engine it has minimum vibration resulting in minimum grain loss.

  • Suitable for Paddy, Wheat, Barley, etc.
  • Light-weight and Compact Design
  • Low Vibration and minimum gain loss

Engine Model HONDA GX 120
Engine Type 4 stroke, Air-cooled, Inclined, Single Cylinder, Petrol Engine
Engine Power 2. 7 HP @ 1800 rpm
No. of Gear Speed 1 Forward + 1 Reverse
Knives 24 Nos. Top Serrted Type
Weight 129 kg.
Acre / hr 0.5-0.6
Fuel Consuption (litre/hr.) 0.7-0.75
Avg. Depth of Cut (feet) 4
Applicable Plant Height 2.4
Minimum Cutting Height (feet) 2.4
Applicable Plant Height (inch) 3.4
Harvest Loss (%) Pre-harvest Loss :0.03-0.06
Post-harvest loss:0.02-0.13