Shrachi uses path breaking pre-fab portable aerobic bio toilets at the core of its WASH MISSION, converting human waste into neutral water, through multi strain aerobic bio-media. Ecopal converts human wastes to neutral water through multi strain aerobic bacterial digestion in multi-chambered tanks.

Automated Door opens on coin drop, button push, on entering inside, lights operate automatically
Water Consumption Fully automated flush system & taps
Cleaning Pressurised wall cleaning using high pressure water jet with pre-programmed intervals
Robust and Strong 304 Grade stainless steel
Portable Can be lifted by crane
Spacious 4x4 feet inside space
Online Control & Monitoring The toilet sends usage statistics via gprs that can be sent to cleaning authority/municipal corporation, as required
Sewage Treatment Retrofitted with our state-of-the-art Biodigester system