Shrachi uses path breaking pre-fab portable aerobic bio toilets at the core of its WASH MISSION, converting human waste into neutral water, through multi strain aerobic bio-media. Ecopal converts human wastes to neutral water through multi strain aerobic bacterial digestion in multi-chambered tanks.

Key Features Premium Spacious Toilet, Commode with Cistern, FRP Wash Basin PVC Hand Shower, Brass Water Tap, Cabinet Mirror, Tissue Paper with Holder Light with Holder, Liquid Soap Container, Cloth Hanger
Material of Construction PVC / Glossed FRP, Superstructure, FRP Biodigeste
Superstructure Length-1220mm, Breadth-1220mm, Height-2000mm
Size of Biodigester Tank Length-1300mm, Breadth-1300mm, Height-350mm
Average Usage Per Day 30 Uses / Day / Bio Toilet
Applications Parks, Beaches, Schools, Individual Household, Construction Sites, Bus Stands, etc